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About Us

Founded in 2000 and built by elements with large experience in the shipping and forwarding field, the entrepreneurial and differential features, have always been the goals defined by INÍCIO to reach the solidity and maturity, that only time concedes to the daily gestures in the everyday task of serving the client and, everyone who interacts with us, in accordance with rigour and high-quality standards, in the vast discipline of transport organization.

During its first decade of activity, has been essentially focused to transport organization for PALOPs (Portuguese-speaking African countries). However, and gradually, its activity focus considerably expanded to growing markets, especially to emergent markets, operating today on a global scale, offering personalized transportation solutions to diverse destinations.

Since always has been focused and, totally dedicated on the creation of door-to-door transportation solutions, in the maritime and aerial logistics scope, at international scale, we know that our work is fundamental to the economy and society development, that is why we do it with soul and will, to serve each more and better, fostering global evolution, through personalized answers, conceived in terms of the individual’s requirements.

Because we love what we do, we develop our competences with the objective to create, every day and with levels of excellence, solutions thought out, structured and carried out, from people to people.

We do not have clients, suppliers or numbers, on the other hand we foster partnerships and commitment of inestimable value.

Our team is proud of being integrated in the economy's engine sector, by establishing networks, contacts and solutions which represent added value for all the market agents.

INÍCIO is now the fruit of a historical dedication, a route that establishes successive objectives, being daily reborn in face of new challenges and requests, and projecting itself in the future.

We reject stagnation, refresh our targets, in constant evolution, since each day presents itself, as a perfect fresh start for INÍCIO.

Mission and Vision

We believe that in a market saturated by services massification and depersonalization, our differential element will be the creation of transport solutions for each client, designed and conceived according to its needs, by advising, guaranteeing and ensuring always the adequate choice for each transportation, individually, from the first till the last moment.

Therefore, our mission is to serve in a personalized mode with an entrepreneurial vision, which able us to adapt daily the exercise of our competences, in face of the multiple individual, market and economy demands.

At the same time, we promote the defence of moral and ethical behaviour values in our management and activity, and we value training and motivation of our team, in order to ensure a reference standard, creating career opportunities, since we are aware that people are our major asset, being therefore a potential to stimulate.


Our team is made by people who see themselves as having universal values that suit to our work and which reflects in the exercise of our activity. The training, the importance given to the exercise of interpersonal competences and motivation of our collaborators, are the guiding lines of our internal matrix. Therefore, we encourage our collaborators to perform the whole of their potential, expanding their horizons through means of a large line of learning opportunities, to reach high impact results, positives which make the difference.

We value personal commitment, teamwork and brainstorming, which are essential features for the success and creation of value, in a vital sector for the Portuguese economy.

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