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Business Mission to Casablanca from 11th to 13th July 2018

Considering the prosperity of the trade relations between Portugal and the Kingdom of Morocco, and the importance of the number of exports to this country, which according to the INE (Portuguese National Statistic Institute) represented a capital of 730 million euros between January and December 2017, the Luso-Moroccan Chamber of Commerce and Industry promotes a new multisectoral business mission to Casablanca from 11th to 13th July 2018. With this mission, the LMCCI will strive to meet the specific objectives of the participants in order to support the pursuit of local partnerships.

Negotiation of Trade Agreements with Australia and New Zealand

The 22th May 2018, the Council authorized the Commission to open trade negotiations with Australia and New Zealand. Trade agreements with the two countries will have as main purpose the reduction of current barriers to trade, particularly regarding customs duties on goods, improved access to the market for services and public procurement in Australia and New Zealand.

In this context, the Portuguese General Direction of Economic Activities is consulting various national professional associations, including the APAT - Portuguese Association of Freight Forwarders, in order to collect relevant contributions from the various economic agents to allow the establishment of the priorities of Portugal in this matter.